28 Years in the Fox Valley and Tri-City Area

A Message From The BOSS


Who we are:

We are a full-service drywall and painting contractor providing quality service to residential, industrial, and commercial clients in the Fox Valley and Tri-City area. From remodeling to new construction, from a living room in a historical property in St. Charles, IL to a high-tech office in Schaumburg, IL, our specialists will meet your needs. 

What we do:

  • Hanging and Taping of Drywall in St. Charles (Including Drywall Repairs)
  • Drywall Art and Crown Molding  
  • Acoustical Ceilings
  • Metal and Steel Stud Framing 
  • New Construction & Remodeling 
  • Light Commercial
  • Painting

How long we've been doing it and who does it:

T.A.K.Drywall Specialists, Inc., will be celebrating 28 years in business in the Fox Valley. Our company is fully-insured and bonded. We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship based on the experience of our employees. Our employees have experience extending 30+ years in the drywall and painting industry, each havingserved an apprenticeship. Many of our loyal employees have been with us ranging from 3 to 25 years.  We credit this to the many benefits we offer to them. All our employees live locally. We try to hire local to help sustain the community.

Our Specialties

Drywall Art

 An inexpensive way to add detail to a ceiling or wall as shown.  Designs are infinite.

 An inexpensive way to add detail to a ceiling or wall as shown.  Designs are infinite.  Set yourself apart from the norm, be bold! 

T.A.K. Drywall can help with the design and pays attention to detail like no other.

Painting Interior and Exterior


Add style and elegance to your interior finishes while eliminating expensive callbacks and time consuming coping. Unlike wood, the unique properties of these decorative products make them shrink and warp proof. The cost effectiveness of these products allow you to build larger crowns at a fraction of the price. 

Hanging & Taping


 T.A.K.Drywall installs drywall on walls and ceilings with glue and drywall screws.  All employees of T.A.K. drywall are professionally trained for hanging drywall as well as finishing or taping drywall.  Some ceilings require texturing  in differentareas of the country or in some cases just to hide some of the drywall work completed by a non-professional drywall finisher.We perform texture work also!  A drywall screw has the equivalent holding capacity of two sets of nails.  When notusing glue when hanging ceilings is just asking for trouble down the road. 

Acoustic Ceilings


 T.A.K.installs and replaces acoustical ceilings by Armstrong, USG, Certainteed,  to name a few.  Tile design has changedover the years.  Acoustical panels come in 2x4’ and 2x2’ sizes.  Soundproofing can be accomplished byadding density to the walls or ceilings.  Suspended acoustical systems are installed in most commercial applicationsand in some residential as well.  Ceiling and wall repairs are hard to complete when these areas are textured; eitherwith texture paint or ceiling popcorn.  Our specialties include installation of acoustical ceilings. 

Steel Framing


 T.A.K.performs both residential and commercial metal framing also known as steel framing.  Metal studs/steel studs are used to frame walls.  T.A.K. uses products from manufacturers such as USG, Marino Ware, and Clark.  Some framing systemsuse steel beams for support.  Framing is set inside a metal track for stud spacing and support.  Sheetrock is appliedover metal/steel framing just like a wood stud with screws.  Some projects are just better off being framed in steel. Steel framing is straighter in my opinion than typical wood framing. 

New Construction & Remodeling


 In the home improvement market today there is residential and new construction.  A remodeling contractor can perform both residential and commercial.  Some remodeling contractors are not good at both new construction and remodeling. The largest category in remodeling is kitchen and bath remodeling projects.  Some builders typically hire sub contractors to perform the trade services in their new homes.  The home improvement industry is booming with new people with new design ideas for remodeling projects.  There is a big difference between a handyman, general contractor, and a remodeling contractor.