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Drywall Art Designs - Crown Molding

Crown Moldings (shown is 3-3/4")
Add style and elegance to your interior finishes while eliminating expensive callbacks and time consuming coping. Unlike wood, the unique properties of these decorative products make them shrink and warp proof. The cost effectiveness of these products allow you to build larger crowns at a fraction of the price.

Decorative L Beads (shown is #691)
Decorative L Beads come in many different styles and are perfect for wainscotting, decorative details around window and door frames as well as drywall layering details. Stack drywall or mount to a flat surface, Decorative L beads will have a bead to create any custom style.




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Below is a step by step view of how T.A.K. Drywall Specialists, Inc will take your home and / or business to your desired level of style and elegance.

TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_043.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_041.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_039.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_038.jpg
TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_036.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_035.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_034.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_033.jpg
TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_032.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_031.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_030.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_029.jpg
TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_028.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_027.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_026.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_020.jpg
TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_019.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_018.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_017.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_016.jpg
TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_015.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_013.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_012.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_011.jpg
TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_010.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_009.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_008.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_007.jpg
TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_006.jpg TrimTex_Art_resized_560/December_2009_005.jpg

This series of photo's takes you from the finished product of a painted three piece crown detail, through the beginning stages.
It shows the different buildups, beads, and coating through to the finish.
The plastic crown installed by the drywaller will take all caulking and puttying of nail holes away from the painter.
Click on photos for larger version

Click here only when you are prepared to increase the value of your investment.